Cocktail Menu Items


Cucumber Stuffed with Olive Puree*
Cucumber Stuffed with Tarama*
 Cucumber Stuffed with Tzatziki*
Cucumber Stuffed with Tarama and garnished with fish roe and Beetroot
Shrimp Cocktail in Tart*
Smoked Salmon mouse in Tortilla*
Smoked Salmon in Brown Bread
Smoked Fish with Dill Sauce
Tuna with Mayionaise in French Baguette*
Tuna with Mayonnaise in mini Tart*
Chicken Mayonnaise in French Baguette*
Chicken with Guacamole in Tortilla*

Grilled Chicken with Parmesan Cheese
Chiromeri with Fresh Fruits*
Chiromeri with Red Pepper*
Chiromeri in Tortilla*
Lountza with Halloumi and Fig Preserve

Chicken with Pineaple*

Tart with Cream Cheese*
Tart with Aged Cheeses
Camembert Cheese with Apple on French Baguette
Roquefort cheese with walnuts on French Baguette 
Tart with Kopanisti Feta Sauce
Camembert Cheese on Cracker 
Goat Cheese Balls with Herbs Crust 
Cherry Tomato with Mozzarellini on toothpick 



Edam Cheese with Cherry Tomato*
Dates stuffed with Roquefort cheese+
Tarts with Cream Cheese, Ham and Mustard*
Eggplant Salad on French Baguette*
Olive Puree on French Baguette with Fresh Fruits*
Olive Puree with Red Pepper*
Kritsini Wrapped with Prosciutto+
Kefalotyri Wrapped with Chiromeri, Epsima and Honey 
Grilled Lountza Wrapped with Manouri and Fig Preserved 
Yogurt, Mint, Black Olives and Mastic in a shot Glass +
Nachos with Guacamole*
Nachos with Tomato Salsa*
Crudités with Blue Cheese Sauce*
Goat Cheese Wrapped with Grilled Marrow and Sun Dried Tomato
Rice Tablets with Walnuts and Marinated Salmon in Votka and Lime+
Asparagus and Prosciutto with Balsamic Glace on Bread +
Sushi with Avocado and Crab +
Fois Gras garnished with Black Truffle on Whole-wheat Baguette +

Salmon Rolls stuffed with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pine nuts on Brown Bread +
Shrimps wrapped in prosciutto and Caviar on Parmesan Crunch+
Roast Beef with Roquefort Cheese and Apple Mouse
Marinated Sea Bass in Saffron Cream and Vegetables in a Spoon +
Smoked Duck with Fig and Walnuts on Kritsini +
Shrimp Tarts with Black Caviar 
Artichokes, Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Melon +
Sushi with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese +
Prosciutto with Mango Salsa 


Shrimps Pane *
Shrimps with Tartar Dip
Shrimps (size 16/20) with Soy Sauce on the Grill
Shrimps (size 16/20) with Garlic on the Grill
Shrimps (size 16/10) with coconut on the Grill
Swordfish Kebab marinated with Lemon
Crab Croquettes*
Chicken Meatballs*
Vegetarian Meatballs*
Pork Meatballs*
Greek Meatballs with Beef and Pork*
Beef Meatballs
Meatballs Stuffed with Feta cheese
Meatballs stuffed with Sweet Watermelon
Chicken Gyros in Pita Bread
Chicken Kebab*
Chicken Nuggets*
Chicken Kebab marinated with Ginger and Lemon*
Chicken Kebab flavored with Orange*
Chicken Marinated with Rosemary and Wrapped in Phylo with Kidoni Preserved +
Jacket Potato Bite with Sour Cream and Avrouga Caviar +
Beef Kebab with Chilies


Chicken Wings Pane 
Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce
Beef Kebab Tandoori 
Beef Kebab with Black Bean Sauce 
Koupes (filled with Mince Meat)*
Koupes (filled with Mushrooms)*
Frankfurter Sausage wrapped with Bacon*
Roast Pork in Mini Rolls with Mustard
Lountza-Halloumi in Pita Bread
Pork Ribs in BBQ Sauce
Pork Gyros in Pita
Pork Kebab*
Pork Kebab marinated in Mango
Grilled Pork Fillet stuffed with Halloumi 
Halloumi in Pita*
Mushrooms Stuffed with Aged Cheeses
Mushrooms Pane
Grilled Mushrooms
Vegetarian Spring Rolls



Lebanese Desserts Variation
Chocolate Eclers*
Sable Biscuits
Chocolate Petit Fours Variation +
Chocolates Stuffed with Carob Syrup +
Espresso Cream in Chocolate Cup
Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cup 
Fruit Mousse in Chocolate Cup
Yogurt and Honey in Cracked Sesame Pastellaki in Shot Glass +
Fruit Tarts*
Tarts with Caramelized Passion Fruits
Tarts with Anari, Carob Syrup and Orange Marmelade 
Tarts with Coconut and Rum Cream 
Grilled Fruits with Caramel Sauce on the Side +
Fruit Preserved in Porcelain Dish +
Caramelized Ananas +
Meringues with Fruits +

(*) = Items that change do not affect the price of the offer.

(+)=Items that are not offered for a large number of people, maximum 200 pax