Salads & Starters

Mixed green salad with crunchy smoked bacon and marinated mushrooms

Waldorf salad with lettuce, apple slices, bleu cheese, walnuts and mayonnaise

Christmas salad with mixed greens and lamb

Rucola salad with pomegrande, parmesan cheese, prosciutto, pine nuts and walnuts

Smoked eggplant salad

Bread rolls (white, brown, and multigrain)


Main Dishes

Turkey with gravy sauce on the side

Chicken fillet grilled on a vegetable layer

Pork fillets rapped with bacon and Madera sauce

Salmon fillet rapped with dove fillet and champagne sauce

Ravioles stuffed with haloumi cheese and pink sauce

Stuffing with breadcrumbs, pine nuts, leek, chicken livers

Roasted potatoes

Briam in layers with fresh tomato and garlic

Steamed vegetables



Pudding with custard sauce

Pistachio mousse cake

Chocolate Royal

Cyprus bites delicacies platter

Fresh seasonal fruits